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Svenska Schackbutiken, Göteborg

Växjö Chess Club - A short introduction

Welcome to Växjö Chess Club (Växjö Schackklubb)! In the following, you will find some basic information about our club.

Club play

Seniors meet on Tuesday nights from 6pm on. The schedule can be found here.

During the year, there are several competitions, e.g., club championship in tournament play (KM), rapid chess (snabbschack), blitz chess (blixt), as well as smaller tournaments (Fyrklövern, Procivitas Open). It is worthwhile to stop by even if you don't participate in a particular event, e.g., the club championships - there are always other players around with whom you can play "just for fun". Youth meetings are on Tuesdays from 5pm on.


We participate with two teams in different leagues. Our first team plays in Division I South. Division I is Sweden's third-highest league. Our second team plays in Division II group 7, just one division down of our first team.

Membership fee

Membership fee for adults is 600 SEK for the whole year; 450 SEK for students up to 25 years of age, and 250 SEK for people up to 20 years of age.

Further questions?

Please contact Tobias Gutzmann (tobias.gutzmann@vaxjoschackklubb.se) for further information.